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Here are some of our successful cases…

R. v. J. S. K. – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2020

Accused was located with several spitballs of cocaine and a large sum of cash after a traffic stop. Accused was charged with PPT, proceed of crime, and facing a minimum 15 months to 2 years in jail. Matter proceeded to pre-trial and matter was scheduled for preliminary hearing. Defence identified issues with Federal Crown’s case, and a deal was reached where the Accused plead guilty to simple possession: ZERO DAYS SPENT IN CUSTODY.

R. v. B. A. – Regina, 2019, Saskatchewan

Accused was charged with possession of a stolen car, and stealing a motor vehicle. The Accused plead not guilty. The Accused made a full statement to the Police. At trial, the experienced Senior Crown Prosecutor skillfully elicited a confession from the Accused whereby the Accused admitted that knew the car was stolen and told the Court where she stole the car from. Accused was found NOT GUILTY – after defence identified the inconsistencies between the Accused’s “confession” and the physical evidence gathered by the Police.

R. v. D.M. – Moose Jaw, 2019, Saskatchewan

Accused was charged with impaired driving and exceeding 0.08BAC, after the Accused was found in the drivers’ seat of the vehicle. The Crown refused to consider a stay of proceedings and the matter proceeded to trial before an experienced Senior Crown Prosecutor. The Accused was found not guilty after trial.

R. v. D.M. – Yorkton, 2018, Saskatchewan

Accused was charged with PPT and proceeds of crime after a search warrant was executed on the Accused’s residence which resulted in the seizure of suspected cocaine, a cutting agent, digital scales, debt lists, and a significant sum of money. The Accused filed a pre-trial motion seeking additional disclosure of information relating to confidential source informants. The matter was then scheduled for a preliminary hearing. The PPT charges were withdrawn at the preliminary hearing, and the Accused spent ZERO DAYS IN CUSTODY.

R. v. V.A. – Regina, 2018, Saskatchewan

Accused was charged with sexual assault following an online date that was uneventful. Accused maintained his innocence from the outset. The Crown would not consider dropping the charges and the matter was scheduled for a preliminary hearing. Mr. Pham questioned the Complainant in detail and at length, resulting in the Complainant providing a completely different version of events than what was provided to the Police. The experienced Senior Crown Prosecutor issued a STAY OF PROCEEDINGS after realizing the inconsistencies.

*Dates, named and jurisdictions have been changed to protect solicitor-client privilege. Past successes are not indicative of future results as each case is decided on its own merits.


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