We handle all types of criminal and drug charges.

Drug Possession & Trafficking

– drug possession
PPT possession for the purpose of trafficking
– drug production and manufacturing
– trafficking

Mr. Linh Pham has successfully defended serious drug charges involving cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl. Drug charges often involve complex investigations, warrants, and confidential source information. We challenge the Federal Crown’s case at every step of the criminal trial process.

Contact an experienced drug trafficking lawyer:Linh Pham: (306) 502-5987

Motor Vehicle Offences

– impaired driving (drugs or alcohol)
exceeding 0.08 BAC
– refusal
– evading police

– dangerous driving causing death

Linh Pham has successfully handled DUI charges and kept our clients out of prison when they were facing 2nd or subsequent convictions.

Contact a DUI / impaired driving lawyer:
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Fraud and Theft

theft / fraud under $5000.00
theft / fraud over $5000.00
– possession of stolen property
– trafficking
in stolen property

Mr. Pham has successfully challenged theft and fraud allegations, and will vigorously defend your criminal charges to keep your criminal record clean.

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Sexual Assault and Interference

– sexual assault
sexual interference
– voyeurism
– child pornography

Sexual offences involving family members, former partners, or children, are especially troublesome. Linh Pham has successfully defended sexual allegations at trial and will defend your sexual charges.

Contact an experienced sexual offence lawyer:
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– domestic assault
common assault
– assault with a weapon
– aggravated assault / attempted murder / homicide

Linh Pham has handled countless allegations involving violence. He is an experienced criminal trial attorney who will closely review your file and scrutinize your case to determine the best defence available.

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Linh Pham: (306) 502-5987

Firearms Offences

– non-restricted firearms
restricted firearms
– prohibited firearms
– trafficking
/ manufacturing firearms

Mr. Pham owns non-restricted and restricted firearms; he holds a PAL and RPAL and knows the laws on transportation, storage, and manufacturing firearms. Linh knows guns laws.

Contact an experienced firearms lawyer:
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Criminal Organization & Conspiracy

Enhancing a criminal organization (s. 467.11)
– Committing for the benefit of a criminal organization (s.467.12)[2]
– Instruct the commission of an offence for a criminal organization (s.467.13)

Mr. Pham has handled criminal organization cases – which often involve confidential source informants with credibility issues. If you or your loved one are facing criminal organization charges, hire a competent criminal defense attorney.

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Linh Pham: (306) 502-5987

Charter Applications

– unlawful search and seizure
unlawful detention
– right to translator
– right to counsel
-illegal search warrant (Garofoli)

Charter Applications are powerful tools utilized by experienced criminal trial counsel to challenge and the Crown’s evidence. We have successfully filed and argued Charter Applications for our clients.

Contact an experienced Charter Rights lawyer:
(306) 502-5987 – Linh Pham

Highway Traffic and Safety Act

– passing an emergency vehicle exceeding
overweight vehicke
– speeding ticket
– driving without due care and attention

– failure to provide details after motor

A short bio with personal history, key achievements, or an interesting fact.

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