Unlawful Reasons for Traffic Stops in Saskatchewan

There are a variety of reasons why police officers may conduct traffic stops in Saskatchewan. However, there are also a number of reasons why these stops may be considered unlawful.

Examples of Unlawful Traffic Stops

Some common examples of unlawful traffic stops include:

  • Racial profiling: This is when an officer stops a driver based on their race or ethnicity. This type of stop is considered unlawful and is a form of discrimination.
  • Improper use of roadblocks: Roadblocks should only be used in specific circumstances, such as during emergency situations. If an officer sets up a roadblock and stops drivers without justification, this could be considered an unlawful traffic stop.
  • Failure to follow proper procedure: There are specific procedures that officers must follow when conducting traffic stops. If an officer fails to follow these procedures, the stop may be considered unlawful.

If you have been stopped by police and believe that the stop was unlawful, you may be able to challenge the stop in court. If the court agrees that the stop was unlawful, any evidence that was obtained as a result of the stop may be excluded from your case. This could potentially lead to your charges being dropped entirely.

Contact a Criminal Lawyer in Saskatoon

If you have been charged with an offence as a result of a traffic stop, it is important to speak with a Saskatoon defence lawyer about your options. A lawyer can help you determine if the stop was lawful and, if not, what options are available to you.

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