Will I Get a Criminal Record for My DUI Charge in Saskatchewan?

The DUI process in Saskatoon can be long and daunting, and one of the questions we get asked most often is whether or not a DUI conviction will show up on your criminal record. The answer to this question isn’t always simple, as it depends on a few different factors. Let’s take a look at what might happen if you’re found guilty of impaired driving in Saskatchewan.

Impaired Driving in Saskatchewan

If your BAC is over 0.08 in Saskatchewan, you will be charged with impaired driving. This is a criminal offence, which means that if you’re found guilty, you will have a criminal record. However, there are some mitigating factors that can come into play.

In more serious cases, however, you will likely end up with a criminal record regardless of whether it’s your first offence or not. If you cause an accident while impaired, injure or kill someone, or have a BAC that’s significantly over the legal limit, you can expect to receive a harsher sentence that will include a criminal record.

On the other hand, if you blow between 0.04 and 0.08, you could still face a minimum of a 24-hour license suspension, along with a whole host of other penalties depending on whether it is your first offence or not.

DUI Convictions and Criminal Records

In Saskatchewan, impaired driving is considered a criminal offence that shows up on your criminal record, as we mentioned.

But is there any way to keep a DUI charge off your criminal record? To do this, your best bet is hiring a Saskatoon DUI lawyer to get the case against you dismissed. That way, you won’t have to worry about a DUI charge showing up on your criminal record.

If you’re facing impaired driving charges in Saskatoon, DUI lawyer Linh Pham is here to help. He knows the ins and outs of Saskatchewan’s DUI laws and will do everything he can to get your charges dropped, so you don’t end up with a criminal record. Contact him today for a free consultation.

The content above is not legal advice and should not be taken as such. If you are facing DUI charges, contact an experienced criminal defence lawyer for guidance.

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